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Breakfast, 7 am Qingdao
We found this place that looked similar to the food I had in X’ian.  It was just opening and it looked decent enough and more importantly there were photos of the food.. The photos were located high up so, there was a lot of pointing and charades going on.   i wasn’t confident of what were were getting but, it worked out.
a tomato and meat broth. There was a really nice, sesame oil back note. There was silky ribbons of egg and some homemade noodles in it.

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So now it was time for lunch. The Chinese are really on top of lunch. If it were up to me we would work through lunch. I love to eat, don’t get me wrong but, when it comes to business, i have no time for food. I am not up for a multi course affair. I brought power bars and can soldier through..But, the guys I have encountered are very regimented. Lunch is at 12 or 1230 and they start to complain and get cranky if you don’t stop working. You can certainly use this to your advantage if you are negotiating at this point. “Just give me the nickel and we can go to lunch” sort of thing.

So we are literally in the middle of nowhere. We have driven down these dirt roads through places that look like they have been hit by bombs. i am really not looking forward to eating lunch. It also scares me that we are in this rural area that has lots of farms. There are also these standing swamps where I see all these people fishing in. I am hoping that we are not eating what is being grown and fished here.. Everything is covered in this film of dust and grime.. even the vegetables.

We walk into this huge empty building and there is nothing indicating it’s a restaurant. We notice this shady sort of pile of dishes with this crude hose sticking out of a wall. I am shaking my head, as I am getting really scared. We go upstairs and sit in this empty room with a lazy susan. I have no idea we are in for.

You know, the usual.. More cold goose:


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I am not someone who really gets involved in these sorts of things but, the other day, I had a moment. I was at the grocery store and I decided to buy 4 or 5 different types of these things. I have had very limited exposure to instant ramen even. In fact, outside of the occasional bowl they provide you with on a flight to Asia, I don’t think I ever have had an instant ramen soup.

This was my first selection, I ate this the other day.. It was pretty much one of the more disgusting things I have ever eaten.. I mean, I have eaten grossing things but,this is the grossest like fresh out of the box, not intended to be disgusting, gross things.. I have had spoiled milk, cheese, rotten eggs, and fish.. I have had contests with my friends in middle school where the loser would eat gross stuff but, this was the grossest, hey this is supposed to taste good type things.

Annie Chung, I am sure at one point in the world, there was an Annie Chung. She was probably a wonderful cook and a great person, or maybe she is some cartoon character, but at this point, it’s pretty shitty. Like most of these dishes, there are dried noodles and a series of flavor packets and dehydrated vegetables.. The sour taste on this was so chemically, i had to toss it in the garbage.. The garbage outside, the one in the dumpster that is perhaps 20 yards away.

Even with the free fancy spoon, i was not impressed.

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4745 Spring Mountain Road

Las Vegas

The more I travel, the more I realize just how conditioned I am to live in NY. It’s strange, most cities are not pedestrian friendly.  Sitting in my hotel tonight, I google mapped one of my favorite restaurants in LV. It’s called Pho So #1.  It’s this Vietnamese Spot that stays open really late.   I have gone at all hours and it is always busy.  Families, friends, large groups, couples, it’s a spot for sure.  So, I see on google maps that it’s three miles from my hotel.  It’s a hike but, what else am going to do.  I am a married man, in Las Vegas, by myself.  I don’t gamble, I am not going to go see a show by myself and wax museums are not my thing.  What’s a guy to do with two good legs on a beautiful night.

I leave my hotel with camera in hand and start to take a walk.

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I drive through Chinatown in New York City everyday.  I take the Manhattan Bridge  across Canal Street  in the morning. Then, in the evenings, I take the Holland Tunnel and cross back over Canal Street.  Though this is most people’s nightmares in terms of traffic, I have adjusted. Adjusted so much in fact that, I enjoy the drive.

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