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781 Franklin Avenue
Crown Heights, Brooklyn

When you think Brooklyn Food. One can’t help but think of Italian Food. And what is one of Italian Foods greatest claim to fame, that’s right, it’s pizza my friends, pizza.

Barboncino is a relatively new pizza place to come on to the Brooklyn Scene. Located on Franklin Ave in Bushwick, it’s the new hot pizza place is the new hot area.  The space is beautiful, the oven is beautiful, most importantly, the pizza is beautiful.  Though only a few months old, the place runs like it has been open for decades.  This may be my favorite pizza place is Brooklyn.  The thing I like best about the pizza here is the tomato sauce. It’s really bright and beautiful.

This is the plain Margherita Pizza:

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While I have heard a lot about this secret pizza place in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  It’s really not all that much.  It’s essentially an ok pizza place down a hallway on the 3rd floor of a hotel. I hate to ruin the intrigue but, it’s not all the secret.  Though there is no posted sign, ask any hotel employee and they will direct you to a small hallway in between Jaleo and Blue Ribbon. Read the rest of this entry »