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Qingdao is right on the water.. it is known for it’s seafood.  I mean, it’s known to me and people that are interested in food, for it’s seafood.. For a historian, or for a traveler, i am sure it’s known for lots of other things. For me, I know about the Tsingtao Beer, i know that it has some connection to Germany but, really, i know about the seafood.   There is a spectacular selection in the city and I am a seafood guy.. Big fan of Qingdao cuisine.

I love celery.. This dish was cold celery with sesame oil and these little shrimp.  really awesome. the quality of all the seafood in Qingdao is pretty awesome..


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Prepared a simple dinner last night. Just a one pot meal. Very few ingredients. Chicken, garlic, wine, potatoes, water, lemon, shallot, thyme, and rosemary.

I started with one chicken and cut it into about 12 pieces. I separated the chicken breast into 4ths, 2 drumsticks, cut the thighs in half, and had the wings sitting there. Yesterday morning,  I covered the chicken with salt and some left over garlic mojo I had from cooking yucca this weekend. I then covered the chicken with white wine and went about my day.  The chicken sat for about 10 hours.

Last night, I browned off the chicken in a few batches.

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