136 Greenpoint Ave
(between Franklin St & Manhattan Ave)
Brooklyn, NY 11222
(718) 349-1744 www.karczmabrooklyn.com


I have never really been to a authentic Polish restaurant. I have had perogies, I have had a few plates of food that my Polish doorman gave me, I have drank many a bottle of zubrowka, however, never a really authentic restuarant. The authenticity of this restaurant was made clear that night when our waitress commented how, they get American customers from time to time. I am assuming the other customers they get would be Polish. By the way, all the waitresses are dressed in traditional Polish dresses.

The food that we ate that night reminded me of a combination of German and Russian Food. Perhaps it was my remedial knowledge of Polish History which influenced me. But, how could Polish Cuisine not be influenced by it’s neighbors and sometimes captures.

The food we that last night was heavy. Heavy and for lack of a better word, shmaltzy. It was certainly undeniably Eastern European.

We started with Perogies. When asking if we should have fried or boiled our waitress said “I find the fried more delicious”. How could we argue.

Though fried on the outside, the inside remained room temp. It was ground meat with not much seasoning bound together with a lot of fat. THe amount of fat coated your tongue. It was topped with fried onions. Everything needed a lot of salt.


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