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Bite Club was fortunate to cook the rehearsal dinner for one of my oldest and dearest friends wedding.. The large group of people came to my house where we cooked them a dinner.

First course steak tartare
Second course- scallop cooked in it’s shell with a cube of bacon and a soy butter sauce topped with crispy shallot jelly.
Third Course- soft shell crab cooked in butter, served over fried goat cheese ravioli with pickled ginger beets.
Fourth Course- fried sweetbreads with cauliflower, uni flan topped with uni, sauce gribiche and pickled peppers.
Fifth Course- Sliced duck breast with grilled pineapple, seared foie gras and a cherry demi glace.
Last Course-chomeur pudding with a marscapone lemon granita.

It was a pretty amazing dinner. Was really happy to be able to do this for him and his new bride.


Again, since I don’t take photos of the finished plating, all I can really share are the ingredients and some early prep.


Here is a tray of live soft shell crabs. They were still moving around when i opened the container. you have to cut the eyes out, remove the gills, it’s a lovely process:

Uni: Later became a flan

Fried Goat Cheese Ravioli

These were the Maple Puddings: Later to be topped with the marscapone and lemon granita.

A duck liver:

Beginning of a demi: Later became a cherry sauce

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Posted Image

Duck breastasis:

Bacon for the scallops:

So two weeks ago, I was in China, then, last week, I spent 8 days in New Orleans. It looks like  I am done traveling for at least the next three weeks. Then, it is on to Atlanta and Chicago but, for these next few weeks, I am going to enjoy them.
I have one wedding to cater in two weekends from now so, I kind of have an easy schedule coming up. Hey, I am not complaining.
But, I arrived home late Saturday Night. Yesterday, I spent the day gardening, doing laundry, took a trip to the Brooklyn Botanical Gardens, checked out this food truck ralley which was pretty lame, watched Portugal beat up on the Dutch and made a little pasta.
I enjoy eating out but, moreso, I enjoy cooking in my home. Out of the last 30 days, I have spent 22 of them on the road.  Which meals, 3 meals a day out in and around.
Over the last day I managed to eat every meal at home. The cost of these meals? $3.99. I went out and bought some strawberries. Besides that, all of the meals either came from my garden or my freezer.
Yesterday, I started with pancakes with strawberries and homemade whipped cream. Then it was a simple grilled cheese for lunch, followed by homemade tagliatelle for dinner.
If you read my blog, I am sure you are tired of my plates of pasta photos. I am sure they all look the same. I have pasta dough down to brain autopilot. A certain amount of flour, a couple of eggs, roll around for a bit and it’s done. Then sheet it out, then run it through the cutter. Obviously, I do other things but, this is my tagliatelle routine.
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So Mao is from the Province of Hunan and further more a little farming village called Shaoshan.. Besides farms and the birthplace of Mao, there is not much doing… So, some enterprising person decided to Capitalize on the popularity of the place and opened a chain of places featuring the cuisine of Hunan and the name of Mao.. Though, i am not for certain that the place we went to was that chain, there was plenty of references to Mao and lots of fun posters around… Fun for me, perhaps inspirational and terrifying for others..

This meal was spectacular chain or not,i think the two have different connotations.. Plus, i don’t know how well a crappy restaurant would fare carrying such a significant name in it’s title..

There is our buddy and he is ordering again, for us.. All the waitresses are in their Chinese Red Jump Suits.. Mao would have been happy..

Out come the peanuts and spicy pickled bean curd..

Fried fish and spicy salt:


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Last nights trip to the Chinatown Grocery Store yielded some fun items.

We have some toasted seaweed packets for lunch, spicy peanuts and anchovies in one container, spicy sichuan peanuts in another container,Sichuan peppercorns, live shrimp,Chinese broccoli, pea shoots, kewpie mayo, various chile oils, ginger and off camera, a big bag of garlic peanuts. Total cost 36 dollars.


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Peaches HotHouse

415 Tompkins Avenue (corner of Hancock)

ph. (718) 483-9111    fx. (866) 781-6228

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25 Burgers
510 E St Georges Ave
Linden, NJ 07036
(908) 718-5671

Named 25 burgers after the 25 different burgers they offer, it’s a seriously good burger.  I am trying to think of when I had a better burger in recent memory..  Now, I understand, everyone has their personal favorites, some like thin and smashed, some like a nice big bar burger, this was kind of like a mix between the two.. It was super juicy, needing many napkins.. It was dressed kind of like a Cali Burger and definitely needed to be wrapped up.. Buns were hearty yet, super soft.. Loved the bun.

I ordered a bacon burger it had a ton of bacon.

Burgers came out fairly quickly, seasoned fries.. Staff was super nice. I am a huge fan.

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Picked up two really lovely lobsters last night.  I was planning on recreating the first real thing I ever cooked outside of my house. It was an Emeril recipe which had me stuffing lobsters with ritz crackers, butter, and some parsley.
When I was in college, it was at the height of Emeril’s Fame.  Me and my buddies would watch him quiet regularly. After watching him stuff these lobsters with a combination of ritz crackers and butter, I mentioned to one of my friends that I would be able to do that.  He disagreed and the story begins.
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Soft shell crab pasta :


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Upstate this weekend in a lovely home in the woods, we were able to spend a lot of time hanging out and relaxing around the house.

Here we have a fritatta made from leftover chicken from the night before. There is also some guanciale and left over spinach and bacon that got tossed in to the mix. This was a 13 egg fritatta.
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Written by kris kristofferson, I love this song.   Something about a song that makes you feel good about feeling bad. Happy Sunday, I hope it’s better than Johnny’s