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Qingdao is right on the water.. it is known for it’s seafood.  I mean, it’s known to me and people that are interested in food, for it’s seafood.. For a historian, or for a traveler, i am sure it’s known for lots of other things. For me, I know about the Tsingtao Beer, i know that it has some connection to Germany but, really, i know about the seafood.   There is a spectacular selection in the city and I am a seafood guy.. Big fan of Qingdao cuisine.

I love celery.. This dish was cold celery with sesame oil and these little shrimp.  really awesome. the quality of all the seafood in Qingdao is pretty awesome..


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781 Franklin Avenue
Crown Heights, Brooklyn

When you think Brooklyn Food. One can’t help but think of Italian Food. And what is one of Italian Foods greatest claim to fame, that’s right, it’s pizza my friends, pizza.

Barboncino is a relatively new pizza place to come on to the Brooklyn Scene. Located on Franklin Ave in Bushwick, it’s the new hot pizza place is the new hot area.  The space is beautiful, the oven is beautiful, most importantly, the pizza is beautiful.  Though only a few months old, the place runs like it has been open for decades.  This may be my favorite pizza place is Brooklyn.  The thing I like best about the pizza here is the tomato sauce. It’s really bright and beautiful.

This is the plain Margherita Pizza:

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Dinner for three.. I browned some cubes of pork shoulder, deglazed the pan with homemade vegetable stock, then wine, a little paprika, some garlic, threw in clams and chickpeas, thyme and parsley.  Let it get to before boiling then, covered and let the clams and pork cook for about 15 or 20 minutes.

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