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Qingdao is right on the water.. it is known for it’s seafood.  I mean, it’s known to me and people that are interested in food, for it’s seafood.. For a historian, or for a traveler, i am sure it’s known for lots of other things. For me, I know about the Tsingtao Beer, i know that it has some connection to Germany but, really, i know about the seafood.   There is a spectacular selection in the city and I am a seafood guy.. Big fan of Qingdao cuisine.

I love celery.. This dish was cold celery with sesame oil and these little shrimp.  really awesome. the quality of all the seafood in Qingdao is pretty awesome..


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I am keeping with my breakfast juicing routine.  Thinking I was purchasing Kale, I grabbed mustard greens instead.  This definitely added a spice to the mix.  This morning I had a beet, apple, cucumber,carrot, celery, ginger and mustard green mixture.  It was pretty bad to taste but, i jugged it down fairly quickly.

Regardless of the taste, it made me feel pretty wonderful.  That ginger coursing through my veins, it feels like I injected pepper juice into my bloodstream.

Unfortunately, I am not all that healthy. In addition to juicing, I also had some eggplant parm for breakfast.  I made it last night for my wife.  She is going to our friends house tonight for dinner so, she will bring a tray over. I had to taste it to make sure it was ok.

I on the other hand will be having some pretty amazing sushi with my cousin.  I will let you know how that goes.


So the wife is on an 8 day juice cleanse. Apparently, there is some service that delivers various juices to your house daily.  In the bag comes 7 or 8 different containers of liquids.  There is an order and a time when you are to drink the juices.  She will not eat any solid food for the next week.  She found it on groupon and instead of costing something like 900 dollars for the pleasure of torturing herself, she is going to pay 200 bucks.

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