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Breakfast, 7 am Qingdao
We found this place that looked similar to the food I had in X’ian.  It was just opening and it looked decent enough and more importantly there were photos of the food.. The photos were located high up so, there was a lot of pointing and charades going on.   i wasn’t confident of what were were getting but, it worked out.
a tomato and meat broth. There was a really nice, sesame oil back note. There was silky ribbons of egg and some homemade noodles in it.

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Picked up two really lovely lobsters last night.  I was planning on recreating the first real thing I ever cooked outside of my house. It was an Emeril recipe which had me stuffing lobsters with ritz crackers, butter, and some parsley.
When I was in college, it was at the height of Emeril’s Fame.  Me and my buddies would watch him quiet regularly. After watching him stuff these lobsters with a combination of ritz crackers and butter, I mentioned to one of my friends that I would be able to do that.  He disagreed and the story begins.
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