Breakfast, 7 am Qingdao
We found this place that looked similar to the food I had in X’ian.  It was just opening and it looked decent enough and more importantly there were photos of the food.. The photos were located high up so, there was a lot of pointing and charades going on.   i wasn’t confident of what were were getting but, it worked out.
a tomato and meat broth. There was a really nice, sesame oil back note. There was silky ribbons of egg and some homemade noodles in it.

This was a meat and noodles.. a little spicy. the shredded cucumber added an interesting cooling and brightness to the dish.
Also ordered a pork burger a la X’ian.. This was really lovely..  as good as the ones in X’ian.. These are called rou jia mou.  The first hamburger.  It is a simple bread that is grilled, split and filled with spice pork or beef.. But, the area that has made this sandwich famous is the Muslim Area of X’ian.  The use these spiced cuminy lamb.  They are normally less than a buck and could keep you going for a few hours.
look at that. that’s really nice.  the heathen in me, wants to add mayo but, it was pretty wonderful on it’s own.. and along side that tomato soup, it’s the perfect, soup and sandwich.
what visit to a restaurant would be complete without a cultural issue..  These were the glasses they provided for the beer.  Mind you it was 7 in the morning but, still you would think they have some glasses for us
on the walk home it looks like i found an ex pat bar of some kind.. also opened early in the morning