Roasted Pig baby pig, farro salad with carrots, onions, peppers and raisins in a caper raisin sauce.  There was truffle polenta, roasted cauliflower topped with serrano ham and bread crumbs, wedge salad with homemade fancy blue cheese dressing and topped with bacon and some pickled beets.  A butternut squash lasagna with béchamel, beans boiled in bacon stock and baked with brown sugar and then finally Great NY Noodletowns Ginger Scallion sauce for dipping..

Cooking a pig is no different than cooking a turkey or something like.. It’s fairly simple and now with my oven that has a thermometer with an alarm, well, it’s almost stupid how easy it is.  You cook it at 275 for 3 hours or so,  then you raise the heat and crisp the skin.

In terms of stuffing, i think it is mainly to keep the shape of the pig.  I had previously brined it for 3 days in sugar, salt and pepper.  Orange juice, oregano and garlic would be how my Cuban Bride would have liked it.

I have a ridiculously large pressure cooker with that air tight lid so, I placed the pig in there and left it on my back porch for three days.. Luckily, with temps no higher than 37 degrees, I didn’t have to get a huge cooler and fill it with ice and all that crap.


Stuffed with garlic, a couple of peppers whole, a couple of apples whole, scallions, thyme, parsley.

Sewed it closed



Flipped it over, put it on a rack.. Stuffed a tin foil ball in it’s mouth and one under the chin to keep it in place


Baked: Cover it in oil, salt and then cooked.. Rotating once.


When I rotated it, the ears were burning so, i threw tin foil on the ears.  Then after it hit 155, we took it out and let it rest.  Guests were arrive in about an hour or less so, we turned the oven to 450 about 15 minutes before people arrived we threw it back in to crisp up the skin


And this is what the leftovers looked like.. I have perhaps enough meat for 4 sandwiches, about two cups of ginger scallion sauce left, Miss A ate the leftover farro for lunch today and I have pig bones for stock.

Great portioning which is really important when you have a party.


the pig was like 80 bucks.  i see us making a lot more of these guys.