So, I have been making fried chicken lately.   There are all sorts of ways to do it.   When making fried chicken for a large group,  I like to first sous vide the chicken until the internal temp is around 125 or 130 degrees.  then all one has to do is bread the chicken and fry it for a very small amount of time.  Where as a normal fried chicken may take 18 minutes, one can fry chicken in batches for about 5 minutes.  But, I digress.

This post is about normal fried chicken.

I like to brine my chicken.  Sometimes salt water with a little sugar, sometimes, salt water for  day, then butter milk with white pepper for another day.  Then bread and fry.

Often times when I see home cooks show their fried chicken it is often burned.  The skin burns and the inside is raw.  This is from uneven cooking or too high of a temperature.

I have found the perfect frying temperature for fried chicken is around 320 degrees.  This allows the outside to slowly crisp while the inside cooks evenly.. At 320 degrees, depending on the size, the drumsticks and thighs cook in about 17 minutes and the breast cooks around 15 minutes.  Wings take about 7  minutes.

The breading,  is a simple flour, white pepper, black pepper, salt.  I don’t have garlic salt or onion powder in the house but, that would be a nice addition too.

So, instead of going for a traditional brine, I brewed tea.  Made it like a traditional southern sweet tea with tons of sugar and some lemon.  I then added some salt and rosemary.  I let it cool and then placed the chicken in the brine for around 24 hours.

The next day, the chicken definitely looks like it absorb the marinade.  Tea stained chicken.

Chicken frying.

Here is the tea soaked fried chicken.. There definitely is a very nice sweetness to the chicken. A lovely deviation.

And finally here is last weeks buttermilk brined chicken cooked at the same 320: