This is some really traditional Yangzhou Food.. This restaurant has been open for many years and has been in many locations. This is where our host had her graduation celebration, when she was getting out of college.

We started with a plate of these rice cakes.. It was something like gaubao I think she called them.. They were these rice crackers on a plate and along comes a sizzling pot of some clear starchy liquid with a mushroom ginger broth that was poured over it.. Giving the rice cake that half crunchy half wet consistency.

Next up was the winner of the night.. It was beef tripe with duck blood cakes and bean sprouts in a spicy brown sauce. I don’t understand why blood cakes have not caught on in European cooking.. I can see this in a coq au vin setting. I know blood sausage is a big thing but, these blood cakes need to be explored more and used in Western Dishes.. I think it would be a big hit. Note to self, learn how to make blood cakes when I get home.

Served in a beautiful clay pot. Our dinner lasted over 2 hours and the pot remained hot.

Another interesting dish that was very unique to me. They were these gelatinous strips that were made from potato starch.. Highly seasoned with soy and then a lot of cilantro. Surprisingly my second favorite dish of the night.

Pork bone soup. There was strips of heavily salted and preserved pork. And cubes of tofu with woodear mushrooms.

Fiery Chicken: On the bone of course. Fried and then just the fact that it was so warm and sitting on top of all those chile peppers, the oils from the pepper imparted their spice.