We had a fairly large party the night before. I wish I had taken photos. i made agnolotti with veal and pancetta, in a butter and sage sauce for 9 people.  In addition, we started with a smoked salmon fritatta with creme fraiche, herbs and caviar.  We finished off dinner with pork ragu over polenta.  A  delicious meal.

So last night, I had some fresh lamb from a lamb we recently split with a friend.  I decided to use some of the leftover pasta dough to make spaghetti.  We had some lettuce from the garden to make a salad.  I love making dinner and not spending any more money than what’s in the freezer, fridge and backyard.

Here is the lettuce for the salad:

Rolled out the spaghetti myself:

Meatballs:  The meatballs were delicious. One pound of lamb, two cloves of garlic, salt, pepper, half and onion, a little ketchup, fresh breadcrumbs, milk, egg, parm a shot of worcestershire sauce. Baked.

These meatballs were so delicious.. served with tomato sauce and cheese.

Headed to New Orleans tonight! Oh baby.. Next stop, the Big Easy.