I am not someone who really gets involved in these sorts of things but, the other day, I had a moment. I was at the grocery store and I decided to buy 4 or 5 different types of these things. I have had very limited exposure to instant ramen even. In fact, outside of the occasional bowl they provide you with on a flight to Asia, I don’t think I ever have had an instant ramen soup.

This was my first selection, I ate this the other day.. It was pretty much one of the more disgusting things I have ever eaten.. I mean, I have eaten grossing things but,this is the grossest like fresh out of the box, not intended to be disgusting, gross things.. I have had spoiled milk, cheese, rotten eggs, and fish.. I have had contests with my friends in middle school where the loser would eat gross stuff but, this was the grossest, hey this is supposed to taste good type things.

Annie Chung, I am sure at one point in the world, there was an Annie Chung. She was probably a wonderful cook and a great person, or maybe she is some cartoon character, but at this point, it’s pretty shitty. Like most of these dishes, there are dried noodles and a series of flavor packets and dehydrated vegetables.. The sour taste on this was so chemically, i had to toss it in the garbage.. The garbage outside, the one in the dumpster that is perhaps 20 yards away.

Even with the free fancy spoon, i was not impressed.

Thai Kitchen Pad Thai.. Flavor packets, a disgusting looking peanut sauce, dried peanuts and water is what this bowl is comprised off. I think this was 500 calories.. Slimy noodles, another chemically version of a familiar dish. Mine also did not come with the purple flower. Pass on this one

I can not remember the last time I had teriyaki. I believe it was some time during the teriyaki explosion of the mid to late 90’s. My college roomate was obsessed. He was the type of guy who only ate grilled chicken and pretzels. I use to call him Teriyaki Boy actually, among other things. He was a real winner. The inside of his BMW 325 I smelled of teriyaki and long island. It is funny as I ate this sucker today and did not realize it was teriyaki.. I don’t think i tasted it. I also added some srirachi. Again with dehyrdated vegetables, a spice packet, water and microwave.. The noodles were actually a little al dente. The flavor was pretty good, it helped with the srirachi, and the dried vegetables perked up pretty good. Mainly cabbage which had a crunch.. I would actually recommend this to anyone who is stuck in an office and has no good options for lunch, or anyone that may go camping or something.. Perhaps it was just not as bad as the others and my expectations have been lowered.. In no way am I saying run out and buy this but, it’s the better of the three options so far.

Finally, I feel like the last bowl I bought I don’t remember. It kind of looked like this but, i believe i got the spicy kimchee seafood one. I thought there was a picture of a shrimp or a lobster on it.. This was the only one that was more of a soup.. It was the first one i tried.. I haven’t check the salt or any of the health contents but, one can assume it has a shit load of salt. I added a sriracha to this soup and it was good. I honestly enjoyed this as well but, again this was one of my first experiences with instant anything.. The jury is still out on this guy but, i will get it again just to see.

Does anyone have a favorite brand or some sort of instant meal that I can just keep in my office and cook up real quick as to not slow me down or gross me out.