A few months ago, I got to do an interview with a super nice guy from this quarterly food publication called, Art Culinaire.   I was really happy with the way it turned out.  It has been really interesting doing all of these press things.  You learn a lot about the press, about “news”, about how things can be turned into something else.  Not in this case but, on many occasions, my words have been twisted or plain outright changed by the reporter.

In this particular interview, I was given perhaps 40 questions to answer.   I was emailed them and was told to reply and send them back. I spent more than 2 hours writing my responses.  They were very in depth.  After the written interview, I spoke on the phone with the reporter for another hour.  He was asking questions, I was answering them.

By the time I had given all my responses, this guy could have written a freaking book on me.  I was wondering how they were going to fit all of my responses into one publication.

Easy answer, they didn’t have to fit it all, they took what they wanted.

Still, all of the words were my own.  I felt like we were painted in a nice light. The reporter had no agenda, was not waiting for me to say one line out of thousands to support their story.  It was a really nice piece.  We have so many beautiful photos of our food, i wish they used some, or had a reporter come to one of our Dinners but, I am happy with what we received.

If anyone gets this magazine, please give it a read.


Have a great weekend!