So the wife is on an 8 day juice cleanse. Apparently, there is some service that delivers various juices to your house daily.  In the bag comes 7 or 8 different containers of liquids.  There is an order and a time when you are to drink the juices.  She will not eat any solid food for the next week.  She found it on groupon and instead of costing something like 900 dollars for the pleasure of torturing herself, she is going to pay 200 bucks.

In an effort to show solidarity, I have brought the old juicer up from storage and am now doing a very modified version.

Last night, I skipped dinner and wine and made a broccoli, carrot, jalapeno, carrot and cucumber juice.  It was not too bad. College has taught me how to consume liquids quickly. And this is a skill I happily utilized.

This morning, I also juiced some things. As shown above, I made a celery, carrot, apple, jalapeno and ginger juice. This was pretty delicious.  Not to mention, the ginger is really a wonderful eye opener.  It’s like having a clean and healthy caffeine running through my blood. It is pretty intense actually and I am enjoying it.

Has anyone had any experience juicing. I would love some healthy combinations.  Right now, I see myself just juicing in the morning and missing the occasional supper when I am not feeling too hungry. Not to mention, I am joining a CSA this summer and this seems like a wonderful option to use all the vegetables I am giving.

I would love to hear your thoughts.