Upstate this weekend in a lovely home in the woods, we were able to spend a lot of time hanging out and relaxing around the house.

Here we have a fritatta made from leftover chicken from the night before. There is also some guanciale and left over spinach and bacon that got tossed in to the mix. This was a 13 egg fritatta.
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Slice, topped with sriracha:

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I am not a breakfast person.  I don’t understand what the big deal is about breakfast. It is strange if you think about it.  Lunch and dinner seem to be  fairly interchangeable.  A lunch menu at a restaurant reads like a condensed, cheaper version of a dinner menu.  Who doesn’t like a cheap dinner?

Breakfast, breakfast is a entirely different deal and animal.  . The only real thing breakfast had going for it was bacon and sausage.  But even breakfast sausage loses to all other sausages. Your typical American diet just a few years ago was pretty much the only time you would be served bacon.  Sure it would be slipped into a blt or club sandwich sometime but, that was probably some clever cooks idea of getting rid of leftover bacon from the breakfast rush. By the time dinner rolled around, either people in the kitchen would have snacked on all the bacon or it would have been moved at lunch.
So, now that we have gone bacon crazy and bacon has become the cross over star that we have come to know and love, what the heck is the point of breakfast? Pancakes and Waffles.  Really?  Shouldn’t that be more of a dessert item?  Do you really think eating multiple cakes topped with a sugar sauce is the first thing to eat in the morning. Or Dunkin Donuts.  Who the hell decided that eating your day’s worth of sugar with in the first 20 minutes of being awake was a good idea?  Follow that with a glass of sugary orange juice and you will be listening to the cure and cutting yourself by your noon time sugar crash.

Yesterday we made eggs in Purgatory.

Being in a lake house, there is not always all the ingredients available and no supermarket to jet off to. I used a jarred tomato sauce for the first time in perhaps 15 years or more. It was pretty tough, there were also a small 12 ounce jar of tomatoes I added, a cup of wine, some garlic, basil, and guanciale. It was pretty good considering the base. Crushed red pepper.

Served with a crusty bread and a side of bacon.  Life is good.

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