The misses came home last night and I wanted to have dinner waiting for her.  She was out of town for a half a week.  She arrived at Newark airport at 9 o clock which gave me about a half hour window to start the final prep.

I make homemade pasta a lot. There is no measuring required, it is second nature to me at this point.  When we cater, I can make ravioli for 40 or 70 people and it is rare if I don’t make the exact amount needed by eye.    I like to use semolina in mix or a combo of double O and semolina, i use egg sometime, water and wine other times. Sometimes I use just egg whites, or just egg yolks or other times, i just use the whole egg.  There are many variations and they all have there things about them.  Well, last night, I just had plain old flour so, that is what we went with.


Not the prettiest photo but, essentially it is a shrimp and cabbage pasta.  You add butter and onions to a pan, you then add the cabbage and let soften, then add the shrimp, you then add homemade fish stock to the pan and let everything tighten. Drop the pasta and add to the pan at the last few minutes.

I also made some stuffed squid.  Parlsey, homemade bread crumbs, some of this homemade Portuguese Chorico, and some garlic.  I stuffed the squid:

Brown in a pan with oil quickly, then add some garlic, a little wine, a little homemade chicken stock.

Miss Alicia is home, all is right in the world.