Prepared a simple dinner last night. Just a one pot meal. Very few ingredients. Chicken, garlic, wine, potatoes, water, lemon, shallot, thyme, and rosemary.

I started with one chicken and cut it into about 12 pieces. I separated the chicken breast into 4ths, 2 drumsticks, cut the thighs in half, and had the wings sitting there. Yesterday morning,  I covered the chicken with salt and some left over garlic mojo I had from cooking yucca this weekend. I then covered the chicken with white wine and went about my day.  The chicken sat for about 10 hours.

Last night, I browned off the chicken in a few batches.

After browning, I added some shallots, potatoes and mushrooms to the pot of drained oil.  I added some garlic, some white wine and a few herbs from the garden. Then added the chicken back to the pan, squeezed a half a lemon inside the pot and left covered on the stove while I cooked rice. Forgot to photograph the rice.  It was a saffron rice.  I have leftovers and will most likely made fried rice balls tonight. I am thinking peas and mozzarella.

This is the most exciting part about cooking at home. It’s these leftover parts that end up in your fridge that you have to use.  This is where fun combinations are discovered or when things get to meet that normally wouldn’t.  Some people would have thrown these little bits away but, I am sure some time during the week,  I may need the mushrooms to make a sauce richer, or to use in a stuffing, or the chive flowers are going to be used to season something that I would not have thought to add somewhere..   Sometimes it works, sometimes, it won’t.  But either way, it get’s you thinking.

After about 30 or 40 minutes.  I took the cover off the pot.   Dinner was served.  I had a glass of the same wine I used to marinate the chicken.  Me and my dining companion needed to take a pretty long walk after this dinner.   The chicken was falling off the bone, the wine and garlic mixed with the mushrooms and herbs. It created a pretty amazing gravy.