Cow Girl Seahorse

259 Front St, New York, NY

(212) 608-7873

Located in the South Street Seaport in space of the former horror show Mexican Radio, I was invited to meet for lunch here this weekend by a buddy of mine. Now my friend has wonderful taste in restaurants, music, and just in general. He is a master jeweler, studied in Italy for a few years honing his craft. Needless to say, when he picks a restaurant I am happy to oblige.

So, this weekend, my buddy calls me on the phone and tells me to meet him down here.   I hope on the g train and do not give it a second thought.  That is, until I walked past one of my favorite haunts, Jeremy’s Ale House.  I could go on for pages on how much I love Jeremy’s.  It’s a dive for sure. But, the memories I have there are amazing. Not to mention, they have a deep fryer and they are not afraid to use it. Their fried shrimp and calamari were a Thursday ritual for us.  I say a ritual because, this is also where my old bookie use to do pick ups and drop offs as well.

So, I walk passed Jeremy’s, I walk passed a place called Bin something or other, I walk passed a bunch of really cool looking places. I finally arrive at this strangely named place, Cow Girl Seahorse Tavern. I see the nautical gitchyness, the huge seahorse, the place is empty but, it will soon be packed with young kids and strollers and I am getting really nervous. I am the first to arrive so, I sit at the bar and get myself a beer.  It’s noon, it’s Sunday, it’s all very respectable.


My buddy arrives and orders himself a bloody mary. I have been there for about 25 minutes and I am convinced there is someone outside handing each person that walks in a complimentary baby and stroller. It’s loud, there is a scene going on.  I don’t want to start bashing parents but, something happens when people have children. Most people no longer know how to function outside of their homes.  I had a friend of mine and his wife came to dinner a few months ago, my buddy was getting up from the table and his wife asked him if he “had to go potty?”  Really, you just asked my buddy, if he had to go potty?

I couldn’t imagine the stress, the range of emotions, the nervousness that being a parent to a newborn must bring.  But, I was getting a little taste of just sitting down watching this mayhem unfold.  We take shots of tequila.  Like a baby getting his bottle, I am comforted.

So, I turn to my friend and say, you know “Jeremy’s is right down the street, they have 32 ounce beers and great fried shrimp” Well, we are meeting a few people here today and this place is super kid friendly so, we should just stay here.. Ahh damn, my buddy is starting to turn on me. The man who once took me to an underground bar in a bodega in bushwick, is now picking sensible kid friendly restaurants.  The end is near.

Our entire party arrives and it looks like everyone arriving met the complimentary baby lady outside because, we are now strapped with babies as well. And what would be the call of the lunch was, us sitting at the only outside table.

We sit, we play, we clean drool, we eat some food, it’s all ok.. I got a fried fish sandwich:  It was bland but, not bad.


There were also some bacon wrapped shrimp stuffed jalapenos poppers or something.


Of course I am exaggerating and trying to be funny but, there is just something about hanging out with a room full of kids and a relaxing Sunday that do not mix.