Good Morning everyone.. I hope everyone had a terrific weekend.  I spent a lot of my Saturday in our garden then, most of my Sunday walking around and just taking it easy.  It is such a rare thing for me to have both a Saturday and Sunday off, it can be habit forming.

Keeping up with that laid back vibe of the weekend, I spent most of the morning listening to some really chill Reggae Music. Dennis Brown, Gregory Isaac type stuff  ( .  It was just too hard to get into the blues today.  Further more, bopping through Canal Street, I decided to stop in for a little dim sum.

Royal Seafood

103 Mott Street

(212) 219-2338


Royal Seafood is the earliest full service Dim Sum Restaurant that I know of, to open each morning in Manhattan’s Chinatown.  Most of the places are 9 to 10 am, on weekdays.  The problem is, besides it not working for my job’s schedule, parking is a nightmare.  Most places in Chinatown, your car has to be moved by 8 am, very few places let you stay until 830.  Luckily, there is a half hour window between 8 and 830 where one can park their car out front and eat at Royal Seafood.  30 minutes is more than enough time to eat a relaxing dim sum meal.

I walked into Royal Seafood and besides the staff,  I was the youngest person by say 40 years.  Large tables of old friends sitting around talking.  Solo diners sitting at these huge round tables reading news papers.  If you know about these huge dining halls, there is a lot of space. This seems to be a great gather place.

Here is my solo spot. This reminded me a lot of traveling through China.  Being the only person in the room not speaking Chinese.  It’s fine, you can put me anywhere if the food is good.


The mood in the room is lot more relaxed. The tea is nicer on the weekdays too. This tasted like a lavender. Carts are stationed around and replenished but, it is up to you to walk up and take off the tops and look inside.  You choose what you want and then someone walks over and stamps your card, in order to record your selection.  So there is no long waits for the cart to make it’s way back around to you.  I like this set up much more.


First up steamed spareribs with fermented black bean.


Dumpling. It was a bitter leaf, reminded me a little of shiso it had shrimp.


Ended with the obligatory shrimp roll. This was not the best.


Breakfast was 7 bucks.  I did not even finish it all.  The tea was terrific.  Put in me in the right mood, a great start to a great day.  Happy Monday!