Le Perrada de Chilache
940 Elizabeth Ave
Elizabeth, NJ 07201
(908) 629-9692

Thanks to Mr. Rail for the suggestion.

Literally translated it means a pack of dogs.. But, in the terms of restaurants, it’s a Spanish Hot Dogeria.. There are several of these Perradas popping up now around NY.. A big chain of over a 100 strong out of Columbia has recently landed in Queens I think..

So, On a beautiful afternoon, I decided to head on over and see what was doing..

On top of hot dogs, they have several items on the menu. Chorizo, Arepas, fried chicken, hambugers, and polla a la brasa.. But, today, we came for the hot dogs..

Here is a chorizo con arepa.. I was expecting something completely different.. But the chorizo was a wonderful garlicky sausage..

My dad, who was rolling with me today, went for the super Hot Dog.. This was a foot long bady boy with shredded chicken, potato chips, russian dressing, and ketchup.. A pretty bold move for the guy.. I was expecting him to go grilled chicken sandwich…

Here you have hot dog, then shredded chicken, then a crumbled potato chip layer, then ketchup, then ketchup mayo dressing.



I went for the Caribeno which was hot dog with bacon and potato crumbled potato chips..

Here is a biten dog

Hot dogs tasted like they were pork hot dogs.. A little smokey. Buns were great as were the toppings.. My father said it was his first hot dog without mustard on it since he was like 6.

Really impressive, love the twist to the dogs. I am looking forward to the Perradas trend hitting NYC