Hoduran and Salvadorian.

Its a small little place seems to be popular among the locals.. Perhaps another reason was the chica behind the counter. I tried my hardest to get a picture of her. For fear of being killed, I did not dare. Actually I tried by pulling out my phone and snapping a photo but, not on my first visit.. Well she was wearing this skin tight, perhaps tighter, short green skirt with knee high leather boots.. The dress was so short and so tight. However, she was not the most fit lady and things were popping out everywhere.. Not to mention her bleached blond hair and makeup..

Pupusas were fabulous. The best cheese pupusa I have had.. I have to ask them the type of cheese next time. Pickled coleslaw with fresh herbs in it.

Did I mention there is a fried taco section of the menu?

Meat inside: