Stopped by one of the fish spots on Mott Street.   We picked out two Mackerel, or so we thought.  A prize for whoever names this fish.  It may be Saury? That is my guess.

flounders and things. they often have large sea bass steaks.  but this seems to be an unusual selection for them.  I did notice that most of the fish stalls in this area on Mott were relatively “light”

The scallops were live in the shell: huge squid directly to the right. oysters in a container on the left. lobsters and various type of crab in the tanks line the walls.

We purchased two whole fis, a .75 lb salmon steak for Miss K, in addition to 3/4 lbs of head on shrimp.

A little sesame oil, vegetable oil, in a pan.. Tossed in ginger and garlic, then the shrimp and pea shoots, then some shao hsing cooking wine, soy sauce, a bit of vinegar, and some chile flakes. Let that cook for a while before adding a little water, a slurry to thicken, and a shot of butter to get the sauce to stick to the shrimp.

Salmon steak, a quick marinade in soy. had “larded” the steak with ginger and garlic. skewered it together for even cooking.  It came out so good.

Dinner last was 10 dollars for the salmon and two saury and another 6 dollars for the shrimp.  So we had a lovely seafood dinner for 16 bucks, give or take a couple of bucks for garlic, ginger and the use of sauces.