Well, I guess it’s not a Tale because I know very little about these places. I have been coming to Elizabeth NJ for the last 12 years or so.  While driving by on Elizabeth Ave one day, I could not help but notice these two old time looking Hot Dog Stands, standing directly next to each other.

What is even more peculiar are the names. Tommy’s and Jerry’s, like the old Cat and Mouse Cartoon.  The rivalry continues.

These two places are relics from Elizabeth’s Italian past.


Tommy’s and Jerry’s both serve hot dogs and chili dogs. Where Tommy’s runs away with the ball is that they serve fried potatoes in a cup, homemade sausages, and a thing special to Northern Jersey, the Italian Hot Dog.  Their sausages happen to be delicious. I have purchased them raw by the pound before big BBQ’s. They have always been a crowd pleaser.

Jerry’s, while I like their spirit, enjoy their age and their persistence to stick around, the food is not that great. The chili is bland with a strange medicinal taste at the end. The hot dogs are cooked ok, not too much snap.  You know, if I am going to eat something as terrible for me as a chili dog, I am expecting it to be really worth it.

This was not:


What is an Italian Hot Dog you say? The suspense is killing you, you say? Well, a Jersey Hot Dog is a monstrosity. You take bread which has been made from pizza dough.  This bread is very similar in shape to a pita but, twice the size and thickness.. You then take fried potato slices, fried onions, peppers and two fried hot dogs and stuff them into this pizza pita pocket.  It’s huge. Is it good, eh it’s ok. People love these things.

Sure it’s an accomplishment to finish one of these puppies but, really, it’s ok cooked potatoes with peppers and onions and two ok hotdogs. There is lots of grease and lots of starch and all that “good” stuff.. But, nothing stands out, the sandwich falls apart.  It’s more of an experience than it is a good meal.

Though, there are people who eats these things weekly or even daily. Those people, will be dieing soon.


This is what it looks like in the field.


So, that is my story on Tommy’s and Jerry’s.. If you are in the area, it’s totally worth checking out and supporting. Bring all your friends and try an Italian Hot Dog.