White Rose System
Linden NJ

The White Rose was a burger place that I grew up eating at.. I recently discovered that there a couple locations around New Jersey.. Before this, I believed the only one that existed was located in Highland Park.. Minutes away from Rutgers Grease Trucks, there were many a game of ro-sham-bo played to determine between the two places.. Kind of like an oversized White Castle Burger, loose meat patties are cooked on top of tons of onions..

The menu is your typical greasy spooon.. They have a wonderful BLT, grilled cheese and bacon, the usual suspects.. Everything is made a top of a well seasoned and greased up flat grill.. The only average thing are the fries.. Not my favorite.. But ask for them well done and get them right out of the fryer.. You will certainly get by

The memories this place brings back, even if its only the Highland Park cousin..

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