A few nights ago, I made a reservation for 5 at the restaurant, Mon Ami Gabi, in the Paris Hotel.

It is the highest grossing Lettuce Entertain You Restaurant in the operation. It’s a really pretty space. Lots of round tables which I love.  There is a dark interior and there is also seating outside along the Strip.

I ordered the scallop gratin, the steak au poivre rare.. Everything was good. The steak was cooked medium rare.. The scallop gratin were three half scallops, sliced on a bias. Fresh warm french bread..

Everyone was happy. Round tables are always a plus..

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Steak.. Pepper sauce was a little A-1’ish.. But the steak was really well seasoned.. Fries were ok. Wine was served cold and the waiter was over pouring to get a second bottle.. They cleared plates before we were all finished.. People inhaled their food, two people lingered. It made me feel uncomfortable but, i was the only one to notice. All in all, it was fine. My party loved the restaurant, they were raving .. This might be a yearly trip to this place.. It worked out to be 350 with tip included on the bill already.

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Spirits are high.. Everyone was happy..