While I have heard a lot about this secret pizza place in the Cosmopolitan Hotel.  It’s really not all that much.  It’s essentially an ok pizza place down a hallway on the 3rd floor of a hotel. I hate to ruin the intrigue but, it’s not all the secret.  Though there is no posted sign, ask any hotel employee and they will direct you to a small hallway in between Jaleo and Blue Ribbon.

Pizza is anywhere between $4.50 and 5 dollars.. For two slices and a 5 dollar beer, it was sixteen bucks. Is it good, eh, it’s not bad.  Being away from NY for the last 8 days, I enjoyed it more than I would have 8 days ago.

It’s crowded, they serve you a sloppy slice that is pretty much luke warm.  The sauce is tasteless, it needs salt, there is non provided.

I tried the ricotta and sausage and an olive pepper cheese slice.  I would pass it every day of my life and probably not stop in if it were in Brooklyn.



16 bucks:


The Cosmopolitan is the new trendy hotel.. It has a cheap plastic chandelier running from the third floor down to the lobby.  Just another way to cleverly disguise a mall within a hotel.  There are plenty of places to get alcohol, buy expensive crap, and lose your money in the casino.  I won 600 bucks tonight. So that was good. My first time gambling in a few years. I started with a hundred bucks and maybe lost 3 hands in 25 minutes.

Happy to be going home soon.