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New York, NY 10013
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What a gorgeous day it is. Spring has sprung my friends, spring has sprung.  It’s amazing how much beautiful nature still exists within NYC.  There are gorgeous dogwoods and cherry blossoms blooming everywhere.  What else happens in Spring, Great NY Noodletown starts frying up some soft shell crabs.

Scarily, you can get soft shells crabs all year round in Chinatown. Though, it’s only during certain seasons where you want to eat them.  Like anything, it is freshest while they are alive. To me, I have an incredible sensitivity to frozen shellfish.  The texture is always affected. The flesh takes on water and becomes water logged.  It’s really off putting to me.  That is why I rarely if ever eat King Crab Legs.  Frozen shrimp are slightly more forgivable but, I still can tell. But,let us not speak of such unpleasantness.

It’s a beautiful day and it’s time to go for a walk:
Where to? Why across the Manhattan Bridge

Now Great NY Noodletown is a family tradition for me. In many ways, firstly, my wife’s family who are all from Manhattan have been going to this place for years and years.  It is where they would go for Chinese Food on special occasions. I say special occasions because, they lived on the UWS. So, in NY Terms, if you are traveling say, 100 blocks to go eat somewhere, you have to imagine all the other restaurants you must have passed in order to get to this one. It’s a big deal.

Great NY Noodletown has been a place that I have loved to go for years and years as well.  It is one of my favorite Cantonese Restaurants in Manhattan.  It is also one of the latest places that stays open.  While traditionally Chinatown in Manhattan closes down by say 11, this place stays open I think until 2 am or later.

There are a few must gets at Great NY Noodletown. Firstly, their salt baked seafood. Shrimp is the go to choice unless it’s soft shell crab season. Then, you either get just the crabs or both.  There are no wrong answers to that question.

Then, they have some BBQ or roasted items.  Their Roasted Baby Pig is my go to, but the duck is great, the spareribs, or just the regular pork are also good choices.

You need to also ask for a side of their ginger scallion sauce which goes on the BBQ pork and salt baked seafood items.

From therw you can start with their duck egg rolls, their clams pr snails in black bean sauce, they make some really nice fried noodle dishes, and have some decent noodle soup options.

Just to add that little bit of healthiness to your meal, a plate of Chinese Broccoli or Pea Shoots is also a must.  Complimented with a little of the Chinese Vinegar.

Here is the Baby Pig.  Wowza.

Salt Baked Soft Shell Crabs: These were fresh out of the fryer. So crunchy and sweet. Some of the best crab I have had.

Some greens, do not underestimate these guys.  As good as anything else on the table.

A couple miles worth of walking home and I could pretty much turn around and start the trip over again.