I have not discussed this part of myself yet.

My wife and I run and underground supper club. It has been based in NYC for the last 6 years.  It originated on the Upper West Side of Manhattan.  We started doing dinners in our home and eventually operated private spaces around Manhattan.  We would stay at each place for six months or so.  Close to three years ago, we moved into a Brownstone in Brooklyn.  After renovating the space, we have been opened for the last two years.

So basically, we operate a clandestine sort of Supper Club, we have close to 6,000 members.  We have events either several times a month or once a week, depending on our schedule. At these events, we cook for about 30 people, a 6 to 8 course tasting menu.

In addition to having dinners in our home, our members have asked us to cater their weddings, their rehearsal dinners, their family occasions. We have also picked up several corporate sponsors.  Most recently, we were asked by the BBC to do a screening party for the upcoming show, No Kitchen Required.

Our Food is organic, it is seasonal and local wherever possible.. We tend to do more of a European Style of Cooking.. European meaning French, Italian, Low Country America, as opposed to Indian or Chinese Cookery.. But, that does not mean we won’t.   We also have been known to bust out some Mexican Food. Like roasted goat wrapped in Banana Leaves, or Enchiladas, or something .We have been known to throw entire Mexican Themed tasting menus.

So our story of how we opened this place is pretty interesting.. Several years ago, I was on a food website called Egullet.  After posting my menus, people started asking me if I would cook for them.  It became such a frequent question that we decided to have a dinner for Egullet People.  Well, we received a lot of accolades from the Egullet people and they wanted to come back, with friends.

Eventually, the NY Times came, then Newsweek came, then bloggers would come, and the NY Post,Huffington Post, The Onion, AM NY, NPR, NBC, BBC, The Village Voice, NY Magazine, Playboy, Artist Culinaire and the list goes on.  We have actually had to turn down many requests from press people as, well, I don’t know if getting press is what an underground supper club is looking for..

We are operating in some gray areas.  We have our food handlers license and though our commercial kitchen would pass an inspection, it has not yet. And I am sure the Department of Buildings may have something to say about our situation as well.. As we are in a private home.   Who knows what the answer is, so let’s not ask the question.

I will post some of our food photos which you can see are different than what I make at home every night for dinner.

If anyone reading this is in the NYC area, we would love to have you.. I must say, these dinners fill up really quickly.. Once you are a member, we send out the invitations and dinners normally book up in about 15 minutes or so.




It’s a really fun time for the guests coming and for us as well.. It normally  takes my wife and I close to 40 hours to prepare one meal. We make our own cheese, all our own stocks, our own pastas and during the spring and summer we grow our own vegetables in the backyard and roof deck. Our goal is to share our love of food and entertaining with the general public.  It has been an incredibly rewarding and interesting ride.