I hate to waste food. So much in fact, that I don’t do it.  It’s easy that way, if you hate when you do something, try not to do it.

As a caterer, that was the hardest part, getting the proper portioning down.  There are some simple tricks.  When planning a cocktail party, plan for one drink per person per hour, or when doing a cheese course, plan 1 ounce of cheese per person.  And it goes on like that.

The first few times I catered an event, I made way too much food.  I would think in my head, well, everyone is going to eat everything.  So, if I was making 5 main courses, I would portion it out so everyone would have a full entree, five times.   You see how this doesn’t work?

So, now that I have it down, I can throw a little 10 person party at my house and have perhaps, one night of dinner and two days of lunches.  What is better than that? I hate having leftovers because, I hate eating the same thing all the time.  Then eating almost becomes an obligation.

So last nights dinner, we had some leftover mussels marinara. I heated up the pot, added a little more wine to the mix and it was still tasty.

Next up was the pork. This pork we bought from a farm in upstate NY. I wish I was blogging back then. Back then meaning three weeks ago. I would have shown you this beautiful farm, their beautiful Berkshire Black Pigs, and the process which they went through. Instead, you will all just have to see the final results.

So this was an 8.5 lb Boston Butt.

It came from here:

I placed it in the smoker early in the morning and let is smoke for about 8 hours. Now many people will tell you that they smoke their pork for 15 or 18 hours.. And that is fine, I on the other hand, can’t wait that long.  I have competed in the Memphis in May BBQ Tournament, so I know a little about smoking.  I feel that once the meat reaches a certain internal temp, the meat stops absorbing the smoke and you just get an acrid taste on the outer layer.

So, I take my pork and smoke it at a low temp. After say 8 or 10 hours, I take it out and wrap it in tin foil.  I then add the pork to the oven set at 200 degrees. Here it will take another several hours until the internal temp reaches 180 degrees.  180 Degrees is the magic temp. It is when the connective  tissue breaks down the pork turns super soft. At this point, you do not need a knife. Just two little forks and you can shred the whole thing into, pulled pork.  You can obviously pull it with your hands, but, it is also 180 degrees.

You can see how ridiculously moist the pork is.

For the sides, we had some leftover baked beans. The beans are baked with sugar and bacon.  It’s a really wonderful recipe that we have been making for years.  People love these things. I have to admit, I get a little jealous of these beans because they often steal the show.

Of course, a little tres leches for dessert.

I am leaving for Las Vegas tomorrow so, I will be posting some restaurants I go to out there.