We had dinner there last night, an early dinner there last night.. We arrived at 4:45 and were promptly seated. The space is the same as it has been since I have been going there.. I actually went a few months ago for a cheeseburger and ended up sitting in the same spot again.

Much has been said about the waiters and the room and the casualness of it all. To me, it’s perfect in that aspect. People complain about the gruff waiters, I did not see that at all actually. The waiters were super friendly and very nice to Miss K when she ordered the “Holy Cow” huge ass chocolate Sunday. Perhaps it’s such a touristy spot that people coming from out of town like to mix it up with the waiters. Who knows. We wanted food, they gave us food, when we wanted more drinks, they brought more drinks, when we wanted help with ordering, he gave us the answers we were looking for.

To me, Peter Luger was one of the only places that lived up to the hype. I would read people’s reviews about it being average or bad and I wanted no part of hearing about it. And while I am still in love with the restaurant, it’s history, and the ambiance, for steak alone, it has lost some of its luster. And I don’t think it’s because of anything Peter Luger has done. I just think that the products and techniques that are used at Luger is more common than before.

Dry aged steaks, big green eggs, infrared broilers, these are things that the at home cook now has access to. And while the steak at Luger is still delicious, it can be had elsewhere. Where once Peter Luger was the only game in town, I can go to my local butcher, buy a bag of charcoal, and produce the same results in my backyard. And by me., I mean anyone who has the inclination and the time. Or I can go to a number of other steakhouses which provide similar steaks with much better sides.

Even the bacon, I remember getting the bacon here years and years ago.. No one was serving thick slices of bacon like that. Now, it’s almost pedestrian.


The sides at Luger are pretty average. The German Fries, the Shoe String Onions Rings, the Creamed Spinach. All can be had much better somewhere else. The onion rings were greasy, the potatoes dry, the creamed spinach, one note.


The only part of a Peter Luger Steak Dinner that can not be replicated is the wonderful atmosphere, the history, the excitement of the place.. Everyone is happy to be there and it’s a special thing.

If I were to recommend a reason to go there in order to seek out exceptional food, it is their burger. It’s among my favorites in the city. It’s a must try for burger fans. It’s truly a beautiful thing.

We had a truly wonderful time, the steak was delicious. The price, the month long wait, the lack of a decent wine list, and the average sides, were the drawbacks.