Brooklyn, Zu zu zu zu zoo zoo zoo zoo.

So this is my very first blog post.  I have been writing online for years. First, on Chowhound, then I  was kicked off.  Then I went on Egullet, then I was kicked off. Now I am on Mouthfulsfood- still not kicked off. Though, I still do the occasional Chowhound Post since they some how forgot that I was banned for life. So I  got that going for me.

Well after years of posting and sharing my food experiences on various websites, I decided to start my own blog.   

A few things that any potential reader should know. Firstly, I am a terrible speller. Grammar, my grammar is atrocious. It’s like, remedial, dropped out of sixth grade, this kid must be dumb as shit or, from a foreign country in addition to being severely “touched”

Secondly, I am horrible at the internets. All things having to do with computers. I am 35.  I grew up in a horrible time actually. It was a transitional time. I took typing class in middle school. I use to type my homework. I had a smith corona electric typewriter with corrective ink. It was truly state of the art at the time.  I remember carrying this 40 pound monstrosity to college. People would look at me and be like “damn, that kid has some serious technology” People would knock on my door and pay me in cigarettes to use the thing. I was always a class act.

Thirdly?? You see, I am terrible. Isn’t there some rule about making lists. If you write Firstly, don’t you have to follow up with a bunch more numbered sentences?  Also, I am bound to mix up there and their and all sorts of horrible things. Errand commas, all sorts of commas, I freakin love commas. In this day and age, is it not a good thing if we all take a pause every now and then.

Ok. So, now that I have warned you about my readin and writing skills, I can say for certain I am a very good cook, I love music, and I eat out quiet a bit. In addition to that, my wife and I run a Supper Club called NY Bite Club.  NY Bite Club is an underground supper club and we cater events.  We doing everything from Weddings to Corporate Events.  Who knows if I really want my business attached to my random blog but, time will tell.   I guess these means I will be ruling out politics and religion from the Blog. Two things I could really care less about.

Well here is my one religious experience I care to share. Once I snuck up at my friend Justin’s  Communion or Confirmation  when I was thirteen and received communion not once but, twice.  My only clear question that I needed answered on religion was, what do the communion wafers taste like.  All of my questions on religion had been answered by 13, not too shabby.  Ok, so in addition to being kicked off of Chowhound and Egullet, please add St Bart’s Catholic Church to the list of places I have been tossed from.  That priest must have spotted me getting in the second line. You see, it dissolved so quickly, I didn’t get a chance. I thought it was going to be more cracker like.  A big let down for sure.

So, thank you for sticking with me during my inaugural post.  I will be a lot less yappy in the future. Please look forward to me posting recipes, restaurant reviews,music I like, and that is about it. I wish I had more command of my design or my words (two minor things in terms of blogging right?) But, we must play the hand we are dealt.